BREAKING: Joe Biden Sabotages America – Sick Plan EXPOSED…

Twelve million Americans are currently jobless.

So what did Joe Biden just do?

Perhaps the worst thing he possibly could: bus in 35,000 foreign workers on H-2b visas for non-agricultural jobs.

Forget the twelve million, let’s make sure that these 35,000 non-Americans are taken care of.

In Joe Biden’s twisted mind, that’s what is going to get him the most votes in 2024.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing it.

Our President really is that stupid.

Over 23,000 of the visas will go to foreign workers who have previously been to America on a the visa program, and the rest will be given out to Haitians, Guatamalans, Hondurans, and El Salvadorians.

Biden wants to pay to bus in immigrants. He wants to send all of our money to Ukraine without allowing people to read the bill first.

But he does NOT want to help Americans. That much is clear.

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