Sick Obama Photo Leaked… He’s Ruined

National news outlet The Hill used an Obama-era 2014 AP photo of children sleeping in cages with a story about lawmakers touring detention centers in the Trump era, according to the Daily Caller.

The article referenced tense relations between the Democrats and local Trump supporters, who shouted “Trump 2020” and even told Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) that she should go back to her country. Tlaib was born in Detroit, Michigan.

The photo in question has been used many times by media outlets in connection with Trump, to the point where the Associated Press wrote a fact check about it in 2018. The fact check disavowed the use of the photo in connection with Trump detention centers.

The Democrat lawmakers wanted to see whether reports of deteriorating conditions at detention centers were true. Congress is in the middle of trying to pass a $4.5 billion aid package to deal with crisis conditions at the border.

Around 150,000 immigrants attempt to cross the border each month, either illegally or claiming asylum. Democrats have resisted attempts to pass legislation that would slow the flow of immigrants.

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