Shocking Revelation About Robert Mueller…The End?

The media is in a frenzy over the Mueller investigation. What’s coming next might just crush their dreams.

Jerome Corsi, a right-wing author and subject of the Mueller investigation, has filed a criminal ethics complaint against Mueller, saying that Mueller was trying to pressure him into giving false testimony against President Trump.

If this is true, it could mean the end of the Mueller investigation. The American Thinker has the story:

…Corsi alleged that Robert Mueller’s office is “knowingly and deceitfully threatening” to charge him with providing a false statement unless he provides “false testimony” against Trump and others.

There is a major distinction between a case that relies on the word of less than credible witnesses (a weak case) and a case where the witnesses are allegedly told to lie or are blackmailed into testifying in a certain way.  While prosecutors often make “deals” in criminal cases, Mueller’s alleged conduct, if true, is distinguishable because a prosecutor cannot knowingly support or encourage a witness to make false statements.

If Corsi’s allegations are true, there is no way to discern the veracity of anybody’s statements relating to the Mueller investigation, including Cohen’s most recent statements.  To the contrary, all statements, including Mueller’s, should be viewed with the highest level of doubt.  If this is the case, what basis is there to continue to investigate?

This could be the end. Stay tuned.

Read the full story here.

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