Shocking New Attack – 10 Students Injured…

News of a shocking attack is making its way around the world. At least 10 students have been injured, and the investigation is ongoing to discover how it happened.

On the first day of the school semester in central China in the city of Enshi, elementary school students were attacked at around 8 a.m. Details on how they were attacked and the motive of the alleged perpetrator were not immediately available.

However, authorities have a suspect in custody. It is also being reported that the “wounded students were taken to a hospital,” though the condition of the students is currently unknown.

Last year — in April and June last year, respectively — two other horrific attacks at schools occurred. The April incident resulted in nine people killed and “more than a dozen injured outside a middle school in northwestern Shaanxi province.”

The June incident occurred in Shanghai. Two children were “stabbed to death” by a man outside of an elementary school. Hopefully, this is not becoming a trend in China.

Please pray for the victims of this new incident and that justice would be served. Anyone who targets children should be prosecuted and convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

Read the full story here.

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