Shocking Defeat For Joe Biden – It’s Over

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce that he’s running for president any day now, but his plan may be over before it ever got off the ground. He’s in serious trouble.

Kamala Harris, the first-term U.S. senator from California, is reportedly locking up major donors to Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign. This is terrible news for Joe Biden, who was hoping to win over party elites for himself.

A former Clinton campaign staffer told the Washington Examiner, “Yes, it’s true,” to the question of Clinton donors aiding Harris. “She’s spent a lot of time courting big bundlers. She’s very good in meetings, very charming.”

If this trend continues, where does Biden fit into the 2020 equation? With Harris already making headway with establishment donors, especially in California and Florida, Biden is in danger of already becoming irrelevant.

Harris is even showing strength in crucial fundraising pools like liberal Hollywood, where director J.J. Abrams and his wife recently held a dinner for Harris at $2,800 a head. It doesn’t appear that Barack Obama’s superstar status has translated to Biden.

On top of Biden’s growing fundraising concerns, his well-documented and physically inappropriate behavior with women has come under new scrutiny. In the world of #MeToo, Biden could be starting his own movement: #HasBeen.

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