Shock Video Exposes Comey – Indict Him Now…

A shocking video just exposed former FBI Director James Comey. He should be indicted immediately for this treachery. The act he committed against America cannot stand.

Appearing on ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ on Fox Business, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton revealed the truth about Comey’s unethical and potentially criminal behavior. He was “willing to break any rule,” said Fitton.

In the interview with Dobbs, Fitton commented on the memos about Trump that the FBI retrieved from Comey’s home. “These were Trump’s FBI files and Comey kept them in his home,” remarked Fitton.

He continued: “Judicial Watch uncovered docs that FBI agents went to his home and he gave them even more memos. It shows you that this man was willing to break any rule in the book to target Trump.”

When you think about, Comey may have done exactly the same thing as Hillary Clinton — only he kept protected government documents in his home, whereas Hillary hosted similar information on a private email server.

One had to wonder if this is why Comey ended up refusing to refer Hillary for prosecution. He couldn’t make such a recommendation against her and then risk being investigated himself. But the truth, it seems, has come out anyway.

See the full story here.

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