BREAKING: President Biden DONE After Shock Verdict – The Result Is Final…

Liberals generally vote liberal, and conservatives enjoy voting conservative.

That means, in order to win the general election, a lot depends on how you’re able to reach independent voters.

Old Joe Biden is impacting independent voters, alright.

Too bad for dirty Joe almost all of the impact has been seriously negative.

That’s why his approval rating among independents has been going down for a while. In fact, it’s STILL declining.

Independents absolutely HATE the job Joe is doing in America right now.

Just 29% of them approve of what Joe is doing in office, compared to a whopping 51% that disapprove.

Inflation is being blamed as the thing that finally turned independents against Dirty Joe, as the current rate of 8.5% is simply not sustainable for most Americans.

We need to do something, and fast. It’s clear that Joe is NOT the best man for the job.

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