SHOCK SHOOTING – They Found His Body…

A lawyer representing a man who Aurora, Colorado police shot last week says the officers didn’t identify themselves to him before they shot him.

Andrew Huff, 22, was shot in the buttocks and seriously wounded after he grabbed for a gun and police saw him through a window of his home. Police said they waved and that it seemed Huff had recognized them as they walked up to his house.

Other family members, however, said they could only see black shapes and that Huff was on high alert after a fight with a friend earlier in the day. Huff’s car had been taken by his former roommate George Gutierrez, and after the two fought, Huff was worried Gutierrez would come back to make good on threats against him.

Huff’s attorney is hoping the police department drops charges against Huff in the incident, and said he also plans to file a civil lawsuit. Huff maintains that he was picking up his phone to call police, not his gun, when he was shot.

Huff was taken to the hospital after the shooting, and the officer who shot him is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

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