Shock Poll Released – Democrats Running For Cover

A new survey of independent voters shows that people are leaning towards Trump — and away from Democrats — on the crucial issue of immigration. This comes as Democrats move even further to the left on the issue, with most refusing to fully embrace a secure border that would protect U.S. citizens.

The poll’s shocking results, which are sure to have Pelosi’s Democrats running for cover, have independent voters agreeing closely with the Republican position on immigration.

This shows that the immigration issue has not been a losing one for President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress. If anything, this has helped Trump politically. Americans are tired of open borders, and do not trust the Democrats when they say that they want to secure our borders but just want to do it differently.

Democrats promised the last several Republican presidents – including Reagan and Bush 43 – that they wanted to the secure the border. In both cases, these promises turned out to be false. And Democrats who once gave lip-service to border security and at one time voted to build border fencing and walls no longer even keep the pretense.

Listening to the 2020 Democratic presidential debates, you would think that some of these candidates don’t want any border security at all. And in many cases, you’d probably be right.

But polls are consistent, and most of them are a whole lot like this one — and are likely to scare Democrats. At least those who are still able to listen. It seems Democrats have become polarized on this issue that some of them don’t have the ability to see that they’re about to get annihilated in the 2020 election because of their stance. And if that’s the case, Republicans might be well-advised to sit back and watch that happen.

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