SHOCK: Mueller EXTORTION Notice – This Is Criminal

We all know the Russia collusion case was a total hoax from the start. Even the media knows it was a hoax – which is why they no longer talk about it.

But as more and more details of the investigation are uncovered, some shocking truths are coming to light. Most shocking of all? The Department of Justice team may have extorted a guilty plea out of Michael Flynn based on his answers to Robert Mueller’s questions.

Michael Flynn’s lawyers are making the bombshell claims. They argue that the DOJ hid evidence that would have exonerated Flynn.

Flynn’s attorneys already have a court order to access documents that were hidden by the Mueller counsel. We’ll see what they find.

The DOJ and the Mueller investigatory team hiding evidence in an attempt to imprison someone is abhorrent.

That kind of corruption goes against everything our justice system stands for. Furthermore, it is more bad conduct on the part of Mueller’s team. If exculpatory evidence was concealed, those responsible need to face charges of their own.

Read the full story here.

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