Shock Mueller Discovery – It’s Over

Robert Mueller continues to target Trump surrogates as his investigation barrels forward, but a new revelation could finally put an end to the grandstanding for good.

As reported, conservative strategist Roger Stone was recently arrested with much fanfare at his home in Florida after being indicted by Mueller on seven counts related to his involvement with the Trump camp. Commenting on the incident, Stone called his arrest “Gestapo tactics,” saying that they “could have simply called my lawyers and I would have turned myself in.”

Stone insinuated that his arrest was crafted to be seen, including the involvement of over 25 SWAT members, multiple vehicles and a helicopter — despite having no criminal record whatsoever, maintaining a lawyer, and being under investigation for two years already. This seems to undercut Mueller’s own claim that the indictment wasn’t made public until the arrest out of concern Stone would flee.

Stone finds it absurd that he would “open the door looking down the barrel of assault weapons, that I would be frog-marched out front barefooted and handcuffed when they simply could have contacted me, I think people need to know about that.” Regardless of how Stone’s case ends up, the spectacle made by Mueller is interesting indeed.

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