Shock: Megyn Kelly RETURNING Announcement…

Newsweek suggested that Megyn Kelly could be returning to television as a co-host on ABC’s daytime talker The View if rumors about Meghan McCain not renewing her contract are true.

Sources close to McCain have said that her co-host position is causing her great stress and that there’s tension between her and others working on the show. According to her friends, McCain feels “miserable” and like a “caged animal.”

Officially, producers of the show said they expect all co-hosts to return next year. But if that doesn’t happen, Megyn Kelly hasn’t been involved in much on television since leaving NBC’s The Today Show earlier in the year.

The View might be a good fit for Kelly. who is on the liberal side of conservative like McCain. The show typically casts one conservative to contrast the other liberal voices and provoke heated debate.

While the show’s liberal co-hosts have been fairly stable over the years, the lone conservative has had mich higher turnover: Elizabeth Hasselback, Candace Cameron Bure, and Nicolle Wallace had the position over the years before McCain took over. Being a lone voice of reason facing several illogical liberals every day can’t be an easy task.

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