Shock Justice Gorsuch Announcement – After Just 2 Years

After just two years, a stunning announcement has been made about Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. America will never be the same.

Finishing up his second term on the bench, it is being reported that Justice Gorsuch has already become a “forceful voice” on the court, and he’s just getting started.

This should only surprise Gorsuch’s liberal detractors in the Washington establishment. For the rest of us, we knew that President Trump had made the right choice.

Gorsuch, it seems, has firmly planted himself on the constitutionalist side of the bench with Justice Clarence Thomas — only Gorsuch is far more vocal.

Recently, during a hearing in which the constitutionality of a World War I memorial cross on public land was being debated, Gorsuch made it clear where he stood.

“We have to tolerate one another,” Gorsuch said, indicating that he believes the cross should be allowed to remain standing.

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