Shock Hannity Decision – Viewers Stunned

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity is a lot like President Trump. He speaks the brutal truth and questions the conventional wisdom of the day — something he’s done once again, stunning his viewers in the process.

And there’s nothing more ‘conventional’ than the media’s wisdom, which repeatedly misreads Trump. Hannity drove this point home by declaring that Trump’s “willingness to walk away from a bad deal” is evident in how he’s treating North Korea.

“When it comes to North Korea — well, the president’s mission has always been clear. That is a full, complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” continued Hannity. “Now, the president has always vowed to walk away from anything else.”

This is exactly what Trump did after meeting with Kim Jong-un. Explaining that they discussed options but didn’t move forward on any at this time, Trump said, “I think actually, it was a very productive two days. But sometimes, you have to walk.”

As a successful, longtime businessman, Trump knows what it means to ‘walk’ better than virtually anyone else in Washington, DC. When he says it isn’t time to make a deal, he knows there’s still some negotiating to be done before moving forward.

However, the media has refused to understand how Trump operates and instead choose to attack him. But there’s another president who walked away from a world leader only to get what we needed later on: Ronald Reagan. The Soviet Union wishes they had a do-over now.

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