Shock: Fox News Star Responds To Sex Charges…

Alan Dershowitz has now come out and strongly denied allegations by a woman related to charges against Jeffrey Epstein that Dershowitz also abused her.

Dershowitz pointed out that the indictment against Epstein did not mention him, and alleged that Virginia Roberts was lying in a defamation suit she filed against him.

Roberts was trying to get money out of Dershowitz by filing the suit and by accusing him of sexual contact with her on an island Epstein owned, Dershowitz stated. He also said he could prove he wasn’t on the island or on Epstein’s plane during the time when Roberts said she was in contact with Epstein.

Dershowitz has asked for the defamation suit to be dissmissed. He also wants 2,000 pages from Roberts’ lawsuit against Epstein to be released publicly, saying the information would exonerate him.

Dershowitz was a former lawyer for Epstein during the time he is accused of sexually trafficking underage girls. The lawyer and Fox News contributor says he had no knowledge of Epstein’s illegal activities.

See the whole video here.


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