Shock Fox News Decision – Tucker Carlson Is Reportedly…

Conservative superstar Tucker Carlson is a bold truth-teller with millions of fans, and Fox News has made a decision. It just happened.

Carlson is destined to stay at Fox News for a long time now. His takedown of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s student loan forgiveness plan is already legendary — he schooled Warren.

“Elizabeth Warren recently proposed giving a $50,000 student loans amnesty to all American college grads,” Tucker said on his popular how. Then he offered his own counter-proposal.

“Why not forgive all of the student loans of Americans who get married and have kids? It might help. Why is that crazy?” Tucker said.

Carlson is making a strong point here. Americans want to have more kids, yet the birthrate is declining rapidly. This needs to change in order to avoid dire economic consequences.

Carlson’s proposal to provide an incentive to have more kids is so smart and sensible, the very idea is foreign to Warren. She just wants to give a handout instead.

See the full story here.

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