Shock Epstein Ruling – Entire World Stunned

In a ruling that shocked many, the New York Medical Examiner ruled Friday that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was an apparent suicide. His death in a jail cell had raised many questions about how such a high-profile prisoner could have escaped notice long enough to kill himself.

Epstein had been placed on suicide watch on July 23 after being found injured in his cell with marks on his neck. He was later taken off suicide watch later but was still supposed to be checked every 30 minutes.

Reports from inside the jail have said that both guards assigned to Epstein fell asleep during their time on duty and that Epstein was not checked for at least three hours before he was discovered dead on Saturday morning.

Epstein was being held on remand for sex trafficking charges. High-profile men including former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson have also been accused of participating in the sex trafficking, but none have yet been charged.

While the medical examiner may be convinced that Epstein committed suicide, many following the case still have questions about what really happened.

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