Shock DOJ Announcement: James Comey Has Been…

The Department of Justice has made a stunning announcement about former FBI Director James Comey. They just exposed Comey and he can’t escape from the truth any longer.

According to newly unearthed court documents, Comey was a “witness” in Robert Mueller’s witchhunt against President Trump. This is why his memos could not be released to the public — because they were part of the investigation.

Imagine an FBI director so corrupt that he tried to entrap the president of the United States in a scandal and, in the process, made himself a material witness in a two-year ‘collusion’ probe that turned out to be a total sham.

“… the FBI and Special Counsel’s Office have determined that disclosure of the Comey Memos — or any portions of them — could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the pending Russia investigation,” said FBI official David Archey in the documents.

“The Comey Memos are his contemporaneous notes about incidents that are of interest in that investigation and are considered witness statements and therefore evidence in the Russia investigation,” Archey continued.

Now we know with total certainty that Comey was working to aid the Mueller investigation, yet he wasn’t smart enough to cover all of his tracks. He certainly didn’t have the integrity to stay out of it altogether and support his president.

Read the full story here.

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