Shock Death Notice – Entire Nation Stunned

In one of the most shocking news stories this year, OANN reports that a Pennsylvania couple faked the death – and birth – of an infant son.

Kaycee and Geoffrey Lang, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, are facing charges of theft, after an investigation revealed that they faked a pregnancy, birth, and tragic death, using a realistic doll.

The Langs elaborate ruse included Facebook posts, a baby shower, and a crowdfunding drive after the “baby’s” supposed passing. But it was all a lie.

The Daily Beast reports:

The real-life people who say they gave birth to him, Kaycee, 23, and Geoffrey, 27, are now facing charges in two counties, as prosecutors said Thursday that an investigation showed they not only feigned giving birth to “Easton” to scam friends, family, and their community, but also faked the phony newborn’s death to keep the gifts and money pouring in. That included a GoFundMe page created by a friend of the family’s who was one of the 15 people who donated a combined $550 to the page after the news of his “death.”

The fraud may have been undiscovered, but for the intervention of a sharp-eyed friend who noticed something was amiss:

On July 19, friend Cynthia Dilascio reported to police in Johnstown that she suspected Kaycee and Geoffrey had lied about Easton’s existence, the affidavit states. She told authorities that she hadn’t seen Kaycee since the baby shower. The police checked both the Cambria County Coroner’s Office and the Somerset County Coroner’s Office for records of the newborn. Neither had ever heard of an Easton Lang. Investigators checked Conemaugh Memorial Hospital and Conemaugh Memorial OB/GYN, but said there was no record of the child or his purported mother.

Both Geoffrey and Kaycee were interviewed by the police on Aug 5. The father said he was not present at the baby’s birth, but that the newborn’s heart rate had dropped below 55 bpm and there was fluid on his lungs. Kaycee told the investigators that the baby had respiratory distress syndrome, the documents state.

The next day, police issued a search warrant for the Langs’ home. When officers looked through the house, they found a “life-like newborn baby doll” that was shown in the pictures on social media, and an urn with “Easton Walt Lang” etched into it.

It’s a bizarre story, and yet at the same time, strangely appropriate to the times we live in. A fake story told to secure coveted “victim status” that defrauds not only individuals, but the entire community. Let’s hope the authorities don’t let them off easy.

Watch the full story here.

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