Shock Collusion REVERSAL – Evidence FOUND

Just days before a whistleblower filed a complaint against President Donald Trump, a new form for filing complaints was made available that allowed secondhand and hearsay reports that had not been allowed previously.

The new version of the whistleblower complaint form was uploaded on September 24, just days before an anonymous whistleblower filed his complaint against Trump. The form was last modified in August.

In the complaint against Trump, the whistleblower says plainly that he was not present for most of the situations he describes. The old form did not allow complaints that weren’t personally witnessed.

In addition, several of the claims made in the complaint have already been proven false and debunked. The complainant said that Trump demanded servers be returned to the United States, but the phone call transcript shows no such demand.

The complaint also said that a U.S. State Department official was on the call, which was not true. And that’s the problem with hearsay complaints: they are almost like that childhood game of Whisper  Down the Alley, in which the end message looks nothing like the beginning one by the end of the game.

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