Shock Bribe Discovery – Clinton Family Panicking…

A shocking bribery scandal was just discovered, and the Clinton family is panicking. The implications here could be cataclysmic for them.

Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is being accused by federal prosecutors of wiring $350,000 to two people and engaging in witness tampering. According to reports, they were potential witnesses in the sex-trafficking case against him.

We do not know anything else about the witnesses, however, it is only a matter of time before their names are revealed. The DC swamp must be nervous as more details emerge about Epstein’s alleged crimes — especially the Clintons.

Former President Bill Clinton, for example, has denied having much of a connection with Epstein, but the facts point to a far more complicated story. Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane at least six times.

Furthermore, Clinton and Epstein had dinner together back in 1995 along with several other guests. The private event was held at the home of Revlon heir Ron Perelman as a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.

This is too much for Clinton to just sweep under the rug, and the American people deserve to know the whole truth. Did he take bribe money, too? Is there even more to this disgusting scandal than what’s been reported? It’s time for justice to be served.

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