Shock Assassination Announcement – Oh No

House Democrats have only been in control for a few months and their so-called “leadership” has already led to a shocking announcement.

The story of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) is well known. His brush with an assassination attempt in June of 2017 has given him a valuable perspective, yet he is being blocked from testifying at hearing on gun violence by the Democrats.

“For whatever reason, the Democrat in charge of the committee says he won’t let me testify in that same forum. [He is] trying to block my testimony on gun violence. How ridiculous is that?” remarked Scalise in an interview.

Scalise mentioned that it’s standard practice to allow members to testify during such hearings, regardless of party affiliation. Considering the topic of discussion, however, it seems obvious why they are barring him.

“They’re moving a gun control bill this week. The Democrats have, with their hard shift to the left, they’re already moving towards taking away the right to law-abiding citizens to have a gun,” said Scalise.

“Look, it was people with guns who saved my life,” he pointed out. This is why Scalise is a major threat to the Democrats on this issue: He’s an actual victim of a shooting and is also pro-Second Amendment.

Read the full story here.

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