Shock Arrest Stuns Democrats – Mueller Devastated

An indictment against George Nader, a prominent witness in the Mueller investigation against President Donald Trump, was unsealed on Friday, according to the Hill. Nader is charged with sex trafficking for allegedly bringing a 14-year-old boy to the U.S. from Europe for sexual activity at his home.

Nader has pleaded not guilty to the charges and was denied bail because of his extensive global connections. His trial is set for September 30.

The Lebanese-American businessman had several interviews with Mueller and his team during the investigation. For at least one of the interviews, Nader had a “proffer agreement,” which means that Nader had committed some crime, but it would not be used against him if he gave testimony.

Nader was also charged with possessing child pornography in January 2018. The charges against Nader are devastating for Mueller’s case against friends and associates of Trump, some of whom were indicted in the course of the investigation.

He clearly relied on testimony from people who are not reputable – just like the whole investigation, which started from a disreputable political document with Russian connections.

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