Shock: 1 Dead, 12 Injured… Tragedy Strikes America

Americans are in shock. One person is now dead and approximately 12 others have been injured. We can’t believe this happened, especially on the Fourth of July.

As people were celebrating Independence Day along the Black River in South Carolina, lightening unexpectedly struck a tree after a group of people came ashore to grill food. Sadly, it didn’t end well at all.

Edward Williams, a nearby resident, heard banging on his door. He said, “It was a little kid in a panic that said a bunch of people got struck by lightning and he wanted me to call 911.”

Survivors of the incident recounting their experience. Joseph Dalzell said, “We were just sitting in the river waiting for the storm to blow over. The lightning hit the tree and ran through all of us.”

Another survivor, Billie Camlin, said that the strike felt “like a shock through your body,” calling it “incredible.” Reports indicate that the survivors should be fine, even though they were briefly held for observation.

Tragically, however, a 44-year-old man named Ryan Gamble did not survive. It is not clear whether he was hit by the falling tree or simply too close to the lightning strike to withstand the shock. Please pray for his family.

Read the full story here.

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