She’s Been FIRED From Her Job – They’re All Shocked

A longtime professor at a top university was just fired from her job. She decided to tell the truth instead of bowing to political correctness, and she’s paying for it now. People are shocked.

Professor Susan Crockford taught at the University of Victoria — a Canadian institution — for 15 years. But her career came to a halt recently after she questioned the notion that polar bears were in danger because of climate change.

In a post on her Polar Bear Science blog, Crockford said that “outside pressure” factored into the decision to fire her. “When push came to shove, UVic threw me under the bus rather than stand up for my academic freedom,” she said.

The university responded as anyone would expect. “There is no evidence to suggest that Dr. Crockford’s adjunct appointment was not renewed for ‘telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears,'” said the school’s vice president.

The back-and-forth will likely continue for some time, however, this is yet another example of what can happen when someone decides to let the truth guide their research and conclusions.

There is no tolerance from the radical left for any divergent ideas. Sadly, the mentality has been devastating higher academics for many years — and it’s why liberal teachers far outweigh their conservative counterparts on college campuses.

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