She’s Been ARRESTED In D.C. – Dems Furious

A powerful liberal was just arrested in Washington, DC. Democrats are furious, but they can’t do anything about it — this is what happens when you break the law.

Actress Jane Fonda, best known for disparaging our troops during the Vietnam War, was arrested “for unlawfully demonstrating, “according to U.S. Capitol Police. Actor Sam Waterston and 15 others were detained as well.

Fonda was there to engage in “civil disobedience,” she said, to push for passage of the Green New Deal championed by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other socialist politicians.

Now, protesting is a historic American tradition protected by the First Amendment, however, you cannot impede the rights of others while doing so. According to reports, Fonda and the group with her were arrested for “disturbing the peace.”

Fonda said, “We’re trying to encourage people to become more active, across the age spectrum.” She can dress it up however she wants, but encouraging young people to break the law, especially over climate change, is absurd.

The actress has been off her rocker for some time, though. Not much has changed since her days of protesting the Vietnam War with left-wing radicals. This is about what we should expect from her.

Read the full story here.

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