She’s Back—Hillary Returns to Campaign Trail . . .

Hillary Clinton may not be running for president herself—yet—but she had plenty to say at a Houston Democratic fundraiser she headlined on Saturday night.

Clinton called an unflattering, supposedly doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “sexist trash.” She also claimed it was evidence that President Donald Trump was “running scared,” the Daily Wire reported.

As the speech went on, Clinton renewed calls to investigate the 2016 election even though more than two years of investigating have turned up no evidence of any election fraud on Trump’s part. Sadly, she clearly still believes the election to be illegitimate.

It couldn’t possibly be that she was an unlikeable candidate and that the American public largely saw through her talking points and thought she lied about her emails and her conduct as Obama’s Secretary of State?

For her sake, let’s hope that she’s not thinking about jumping in to the 2020 race. I don’t know if her health can take another campaign—or another loss.

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