Shep Smith Makes It Official… He Ended It

Liberal Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is best known for his anti-Trump antics. This time, however, he had a different on-air experience.

In the aftermath of the fire that ripped through historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Smith interviewed a French guest named Philippe Karsenty to discuss the tragedy. Smith had to end it quickly.

Karsenty said, “It’s like a 9/11. It’s a French 9/11. It’s a big shock. he church was there for more than 850 years. Even the Nazis didn’t dare to destroy it.”

Then the situation became even more uncomfortable when Karsenty embraced a conspiracy theory and strongly implied that Notre Dame was intentional.

“So, of course, you will hear the story of the political correctness which will tell you it’s probably an accident,” Karesenty said.

It was at this point that Smith cut his guest off. “No, sir, we’re not doing that here, not now, not on my watch,” said Smith, ending the interview.

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