Shep Smith LOSES IT On Live TV – Fox News Is…

Fox News host Shepard Smith said President Donald Trump’s recent claims that the border wall was “going up very fast,” The Hill reported. Smith said on Wednesday that “there is no new wall,” which contradicts video footage showing miles of it.

Sections of new wall as well as higher barriers in areas where immigrants are easily able to get through have added up to about 60 miles since 2017, with a total of 450 miles expected by the end of 2020. The total length of the U.S. southern border is about 2,000 miles.

Funding had not been forthcoming for wall construction since the House became Democrat-run, but a series of court challenges were settled in Trump’s favor to allow $2.5 billion in defense department funds to be used, with more available later.

A recent Washington Post article reported that Trump was worried about not completing the wall by the 2020 election and had told some of his aides to “get it done” and he would pardon them later if he needed to. Trump called the article “fake news” while claiming that the wall was being constructed even through “total obstruction” by Democrats.

Fox News and Smith may be in a lot of trouble if they keep on broadcasting things that are provably false like this.

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