Shep Smith Job SHOCKER… It’s Official

Embattled Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has shocked America again. He just made it official; there is nothing that can change his mind now.

President Trump was right to show that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian — had the storm continued on its path — but this doesn’t matter to Smith. He attacked Trump in an angry screed before millions of viewers.

Smith said: “Some things in Trumplandia are inexplicable. The president said that Alabama was at risk from Hurricane Dorian. It wasn’t. Maybe he made a mistake. Maybe he was confused. We don’t know. But he was wrong.”

This stems from the ‘Sharpie’ controversy that got anti-Trump propagandists into an uproar. On the map, a marker was used to circle Alabama. The point was to show that the storm was heading in that direction.

However, Democrats ran in a completely different direction — for purely political purposes — and tired to make political hay out of the situation. Trump was trying to be proactive and warn people to take precautions.

Smith went on to say that Trump’s map was “fake news defined,” ironically missing that he’s part of the actual fake news problem. It won’t be long before enough Fox News viewers demand that Smith be ousted from the network.

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