Shep Smith Devastated – It Finally Happened…

Shepard Smith is one of the few Fox News hosts that gets positive attention from other mainstream media outlets – and there’s only one reason why. He hates President Donald Trump.

In newscast after newscast, Smith berates Trump in terms reminiscent of the most virulent CNN talkshows.

Despite this obvious bias, Shepard Smith claims to be a fair and balanced “news host,” in contrast to the supposedly more biased Fox “opinion hosts” like Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

It’s this supposed lack of partisanship that’s kept Smith safe so far – but in a devastating turn of events, Smith’s true affiliations have been exposed.

The Guardian, a far left publication that doesn’t pretend to hide its hate for Trump, has identified Shepard Smith as the one host worthy of leftist approval at Fox.

When the most hateful voices on the left are claiming you as one of their own, you can’t hide behind the guise of “unbiased reporting.”

Good luck trying to hide your obvious bias now Shep.

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