Sex Victim Comes Forward About Kamala Harris – Oh My

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) wants to legalize prostitution, but she’s getting some resistance from a surprising source — a former Las Vegas call girl.

Annie Lobert, founder of Hookers for Jesus, said poverty drove her into prostitution — a decision that nearly led to her death at the hands of a violent client.

Asked by Fox News’ Jesse Watters whether legalizing prostitution would make it safer, she answered, “That is not true.”

“If (Harris) understood the dangers and the abuses that happen with this, she would never want to legalize this profession,” Lober said.

“If we legalize prostitution,” she continued, “we are going to send our country in a downward spiral. Little boys are going to grow up thinking that it’s okay to purchase women.”

Lobert may need only remind Harris of her own position in 2008, when the then-district attorney opposed a proposition to legalize prostitution, arguing, “It would put a welcome mat out for pimps and prostitutes to come on into San Francisco.”

Watch the interview here.

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