Sex Accuser Found DEAD… Democrats Saved

A high-profile sex accuser was just found dead. In an ironic and tragic turn of events, Democrats have been saved. But the fallout from this scandal is only beginning.

According to reports, one of the men who accused disgraced actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has passed away. Spacey’s lawyers filed a notice in federal court that the man, a former massage therapist, died on September 11.

Spacey, who has ties to Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, has been dogged by allegations ever since one of his American Beauty co-stars, Anthony Rapp — a minor at the time — said that a drunken Spacey molested him at a party.

For this particular ordeal with the massage therapist, however, it is likely the end of the line. With the accuser dead and reportedly no other witnesses, the federal case against Spacey could be dropped.

Currently, there are no other pending cases against the actor that carry criminal charges. Not long ago, another case was dropped involving Spacey and an 18-year-old man due to the accuser’s “unavailability.”

It is more than a little disconcerting that when accusations are leveled against Democrats, the witnesses sometimes die or disappear. Yet, when bogus allegations come against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats call for his impeachment.

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