Senator confirms the worst – this is not a joke

It’s as if we live in a parallel universe where nothing makes sense anymore. Just a few years ago, most people generally trusted our intelligence agencies — assuming they had the good of the American people in mind. In the last year, however, unscrupulous behavior seems to have become the norm, at least in the higher echelons of agency leadership.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin just dropped a bombshell: he just announced that there is a congressional informant who has said that secret meetings for FBI officials were held off-site. “There’s so much smoke here…” said Johnson. Yes, there is, and you can only pretend there’s no fire for so long before it engulfs everything. It’s time to figure out what’s going on here.

If FBI agents are actively working to unseat a president of the United States, this has to be one of the biggest political scandals in history. Meanwhile, all we’re seeing from the mainstream media is excuses. (Read More…)

Top FBI agent admitted via text that there was probably no Russia collusion

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who changed the language on the Clinton exoneration memo, the one who was sending text messages about his “secret society” meetings, and the one who was a key player in the early investigation into the Trump campaign, made yet another damning confession to his paramour Lisa Page. He clearly admitted in a message to Page that he didn’t see anything that made him believe that the supposed “Russian collusion” scandal was legitimate.

Are you kidding me?

This entire thing has been a farce from day one, and even the most crooked guy on the case knew it. It might finally be time for Attorney General Sessions to call in a new Special Counsel in to investigate the actual crimes that were committed during the 2016 presidential election and beyond. (Read More…)

Ignore the media: New poll shows Republicans like the direction Trump is taking America

In some more positive news, it turns out that the media is wrong yet again, and that Republicans are actually pretty happy with President Trump. According to a new Gallup poll, 61 percent of Republicans approve of the direction in which the country is moving. This is great news for Republicans — who haven’t hit such high numbers since 2007. Democrats, to no one’s surprise, are not happy with the trajectory of the country — only 7 percent approve. Independents, however, approve to the tune of 31 percent with regard to President Trump’s leadership.

These ratings, likely due to Trump’s successes with the economy and tax reform, could be indicative of what happens in this year’s midterm elections. Democrats have been expecting massive wins for their party, but some Republicans believe it’s mostly hype. A phenomenally strong economy could really sway things in favor of Trump and the GOP. (Read More…)

Report: Clinton Foundation uses ‘unseen’ transactions to sell influence

Is it possible for the Clintons to get more crooked? Apparently, it is. A new report by Charles Ortel, who did a deep investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, reveals some pretty terrible corruption scandals. Ortel alleges that the Clinton Foundation essentially functions as a medium for moving money around in the guise of charity aid when it’s actually covering for illegal or unethical favors.

This is textbook pay-to-play. The Foundation hit its zenith in 2009 when Obama took office, probably because many believed Hillary was the presumptive next president. Hillary then became the Secretary of State, another influential position from which to dispense favors. No matter her position, Hillary has been consistently corrupt. (Read More…)

President Trump: If there’s no wall, there’s no DACA – period

Now that the government shutdown is over, with the Democrats suffering a stinging political defeat, Trump isn’t pulling punches. He said that without a commitment to build the wall, he will not address DACA. If Trump actually manages to leverage DACA (which only affects a small fraction of illegal immigrants) to build the wall, it will be one of his greatest political victories.

In one fell swoop, Trump could secure our borders, drastically lower crime rates, stop the Democrat Party’s push to change the country’s demography and voting base, and keep America safe from a variety of threats. Let’s hope he can get it done. (Read More…)

Congressman: Barack Obama ‘weaponized’ intel communities in series of disturbing scandals

More is becoming clear about former President Obama now that he’s been out of office for a year. We’ve learned that Trump was probably surveilled on discredited or dubious evidence. We know that leaks have been pouring out of the Deep State since he left, often to attempt to make Trump look bad. It’s incredibly likely that this is a direct product of Obama’s influence and that of his administration.

Worse, the judges Obama appointed are still working to enact his agenda, preventing perfectly legal policies of the Trump administration from being enacted. Luckily, Trump has appointed dozens and dozens of new judges. The importance of this change can’t be understated. President Trump is fighting back, and in this respect at least, it will be great for the GOP for years to come. (Read More…)

One radical step to eradicate poverty in America

Some of you may have seen this piece in the newsletter yesterday, but I wanted to add it in at least one more time so that everyone could take a look.

This article is directly from me. I’ve owned and operated businesses I’ve founded since I left high school, and I’ve done pretty well over the years. Part of my success comes from being financially literate and understanding how to treat money. More than that though, it was my philosophy on what to do with the money I made that allowed me to thrive.

This is all part of a larger way in which I understand virtue and American culture. In short, we need to rid ourselves of the consumerism that has taken hold in our society and replace it with a thrifty, productive, and financially educated population.

In this article, I lay out some of the reforms I think need to be made to our education system to try and bring these changes about. I really suggest you all check it out. (Read More…)

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