Senate Term Limits Announcement – Big Decision

In a sitdown with Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro over the weekend, Texas Senator Ted Cruz made the case for Congressional term limits and why he considers them important. Shapiro confessed to ambivalence on the issue, preferring to leave the choice to the voters even if they choose to re-elect imcumbents too often for his taste.

“I don’t think it recognizes the reality of the political process today,” Cruz said of Shapiro’s viewpoint, citing the “massive” advantage incumbency gives in elections and the tendency toward risk aversion of the voting public.

“It becomes like a narcotic,” Cruz said about the power he has seen in play since entering the Senate in 2012. “I am a thousand times more a supporter” of term limits since getting elected to the Senate, Cruz declared.

Cruz introduced a Constitutional amendment for term limits in January with Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.). The amendment would limit Senators to two terms (12 years) and House members to three terms (six years). The amendment would have to be ratified by two-thirds of state legislatures or get two-thirds of the votes in Congress to be added to the Constitution.

See the full video here.

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