Senate REMOVAL News – 67 Votes… [DEVELOPING]

Senator Sheld0n Whitehouse (D-RI) has made some bold proclamations involving the Supreme Court and impeachment.

Whitehouse went as far as to file a brief with the Supreme Court saying, “The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it. Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.”

What Whitehouse is really saying is that he is threatening to pack the court to swing the balance in favor of the Democrats.

Such threats are extremely disturbing and should be a wakeup call to Americans about the radical agenda of the Democrat party.

Whitehouse has also gone on to say that Republicans will defect and get Democrats the 67 votes they need to impeach President Trump.

Of course, he has no evidence for what he said. At this point, Whitehouse is someone who is a serious threat to our political system. Anyone who threatens to push to pack the court deserves to be removed.

Read the full story here.

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