Senate Conviction VOTE – He Spilled The Beans…

The “Never Trump” Republicans are getting increasingly desperate, and now they are floating rumors about the Senate’s alleged plans concerning the conviction of President Trump.

The impeachment inquiry in the House is on life support as Democrats are doing everything they can to keep it secret.

“Never Trumpers” like Joe Walsh and Bill Kristol have “spilled the beans” that Republicans want to convict Trump.

Of course, they have no evidence of this other than their own hopeful thinking.

Bill Kristol said, “Even the reasonable Republicans who might defect don’t want to defend Trump on substance. And his true loyalists don’t really want to defend him on substance.”

At no time did Kristol substantiate his claim, at this time no House or Senate Republicans have suggested convicting Trump. “Never Trumpers” are doing everything they can to keep the impeachment inquiry alive. Americans need to realize whose side they’re really on because it certainly isn’t the side of truth-seeking.

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