BREAKING: White House Makes Secret Move – Forces Biden Into…

The way the White House staff is going to the ends of the earth to protect Joe Biden’s public image is getting a little bit scary.

The man’s losing it. American voters, no matter which way they lean, know this. So not only are they hiding a secret we ALL already know, they’re eroding our trust in them even further with each passing day.

Take Biden’s interaction with American troops on Christmas Day. After Joe’s humiliating “Let’s Go Brandon” comment from a parent during his Christmas Eve special, the White House made the decision to change Biden’s public interaction with the military on Christmas Day into a secret one.

The decision to boot the cameras from the room so early was a real break from tradition. Trump allowed cameras in the room for over 30 minutes during his Christmas calls with troops. Jill and Joe allowed them for about five.

The move ensured that Americans would not be allowed to hear our military members speaking directly to the president, preventing us from knowing how our armed forces really feel about Bumblin’ Joe.

Just how far are they going to go to protect him, especially since we all know already that he’s incompetent? The man represents the United States of America, for Pete’s sake. He can’t hide forever.

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