Second Arrest In Ohio Shooting… Entire Country Shocked

A second man was arrested in connection with the Dayton, Ohio mass shooting. Ethan Kollie allegedly bought the gun used by the shooter, helped him put it together and hid the gun and accessories at his residence.

The FBI did not find any evidence yet that Kollie knew the gunman was planning an attack. Kollie also faces charges that he lied on the background check form he filled out when purchasing the gun.

Kollie said he did not use drugs, but drugs and drug paraphernalia were found at his residence. Kollie allegedly bought the gun to hide it from the shooter’s parents.

So-called “red flag” gun laws touted by gun control advocates would not have stopped this shooting from happening. What Kollie is charged with doing was already illegal, and the shooter could have purchased his own gun legally if he had wanted to do so.

More gun laws might make anxious Americans feel better about mass shootings, but the facts show that they will actually make people less safe and will not prevent future mass shootings, based on the information we have about recent ones.

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