Sean Hannity TRAGEDY – He Just Confirmed It…

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just came forward with tragic news. He confirmed it on national television to millions of fans across the country.

Hannity said that Democrats are trying to “talk the U.S. into an economic recession” in order to defeat President Trump. “They want people to suffer. Why? So they can get back power and President Trump will lose the election,” he said.

Leading up to this stunning statement, he said, “Some are desperately hoping and praying Americans will lose their jobs, lose their savings, see a major decrease in their retirement 401(k)s.” It is all about politics for Democrats.

Yes, even if it means that Americans will suffer, the Democratic Party and their band of presidential candidates want something bad to happen. They know it’s the only way to even have a chance at defeating Trump.

And it is because Americans vote with their pocketbooks. When economic confidence is high, like it is right now, incumbent presidents are usually reelected. So, Democrats want to manufacture a crisis to shake this confidence.

They won’t be successful. Voters know the truth: Our economy hasn’t been this strong in years. Jobs are being added. Businesses are growing. Incomes are rising in all demographics. Trump will win in 2020.

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