Sean Hannity Responds To Allegations – It’s A Trap

Sean Hannity defended President Donald Trump’s comments on Wednesday that he would “listen” if a foreign government had information about a political opponent. Hannity said that the comments were Trump’s way of trapping the media into being outraged, then pointing out their lack of outrage over Democrats doing so.

“Why are they not outraged about Hillary paying for Russian lies, disinformation, Comey generously using the unverifiable data from Russia to spy on the Trump campaign and get a FISA warrant?” Hannity asked on his Fox News show.

Hannity accused the mainstream media of selective outrage at Trump–with no evidence–while ignoring evidence that those on the left like Comey and Clinton did the very things of which they accuse Trump.

“Listening is much different than, let’s see, lying, spying, and paying for Russian lies and spreading it through the media by ‘deep state’ operatives and then using it as a basis for a FISA warrant,” Hannity said.

An investigation into the origins of the Mueller investigation continues to grow and expand. Special prosecutor John Durham is looking to make significant progress in time to impact the 2020 election.

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