Sean Hannity ENDS IT – Viewers Left Stunned…

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just ended it, and millions of viewers were left stunned. He did not hold back as he addressed Americans on national television.

Hannity dropped the bombshell that cities being run by Democrats are in terrible shape nationwide. He said that “liberal-run cities all across this country” are “grappling with what is an undeniable worsening public health crisis.”

He detailed the problem in specific terms by mentioning “vermin, needles on the street, trash piling up, full-blown homeless epidemic” and continued to lay down the truth. Democrats are selling snake oil.

Hannity rightly asked, “Why is it that everywhere we’re promised a liberal utopia, we get a socialist nightmare?” It is a valid question. Simply put, it because the liberal agenda is out-of-step with reality.

He continued: “Why is it that almost everywhere Democrats have had control for decades, we see massive income inequality, decrease in quality of life, rising crime, a middle-class exodus, mass migration out of these liberal cities and states?”

Democrats promise many things, but they can never deliver. They believe in high taxes, but you eventually run out of other people’s money. They believe in “compassion” for criminals, but crime eventually overtakes everything. It’s madness.

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