Sean Hannity Confirms It – Whispers Around D.C. Were True

Sean Hannity confirms the rumors being whispered around D.C. – the whole anti-Trump “whistleblower” story actually blew up in the media’s faces, and now Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden himself is facing even more scrutiny over his ties to Ukraine.

Once again the left has had their own manufactured story go up in flames.

Instead of talking about Joe Biden and what he would do as President, the public is now scrutinizing his son’s corrupt foreign ties.

The media as well has lost what little credibility they had left. In between the whistleblower story and the allegations against Kavanaugh, it has been a bad week for the media.

They have exposed their political agenda – again. The fact is, they will run any story if it is aimed at the right person.

Americans need to remember these lies and hold the media accountable. Democrats also need to be held responsible for this environment of constant misinformation they have created.

Read the full story here.

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