Sean Hannity Comes Clean With Fans

Fox News host Sean Hannity wants his fans to know he has not lost faith in Donald Trump.

While the President’s decision to sign a three-week extension on the federal budget may seem like a capitulation to Democrats’ demands, Hannity says it is actually the opposite.

“Anyone out there, by the way, thinking President Trump caved today, you don’t really know the Donald Trump I know,” Hannity said. “He’ll do his job. So now, Congress, they have their three weeks to do their job and secure our border.”

Former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz similarly noted that Trump’s three-week extension may force Democrats to the negotiating table to finally hash out a deal that includes a border wall.

“Getting to yes means getting rid of all of the objections so the Democrats they said ‘oh we can’t even talk to you because we are in the middle of a shutdown.’ Okay, that’s gone away, ‘Oh, Mr. President, we can’t allow you to speak to the chamber in the joint session of Congress in the State of the Union,’ that’s gone,” Chaffetz said.

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