Sean Hannity Career Decision – D.C. In Shock…

Sean Hannity offered on Tuesday during his show to let Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) co-host his show as a fill-in, the Washington Times reported. Hannity made the promise during an interview with Gaetz after noting that Gaetz spent a lot of his time on less-friendly cable news networks.

“I’m going to make that promise tonight, because I watch you on, you spend all this time on fake news CNN and nobody watches you and I’m like, ‘you’re wasting your time,’” Hannity told Gaetz. “Why would you waste your energy? So I’m going to give you an hour. We have the best audience in TV.”

The live segment of Hannity’s show also featured Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe, who jumped in on the action to say that she would like to host the show. Hannity then suggested they co-host together.

Gaetz’s response: “I would totally do it.”

Hannity has the top-rated program in all of cable news, so it’s not surprising that he would have plenty of takers when he–rarely–takes a day off.

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