SCOTUS BOMBSHELL: Ginsberg Confirms – She Says It’s Time…

News is spreading nationwide about a Supreme Court bombshell. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just issued a confirmation — she said it is time.

Liberals continue to push for ratification of the so-called ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ (ERA), but even Ginsburg has said trying to revive an effort that started in the 1970s is pointless.

Instead, Ginsburg said, “I would look to see a new beginning.” She delivered remarks on the issue at Georgetown University recently, where she recognized that there’s “too much controversy about late-comers.”

The ERA was passed by Congress in 1972, however, there was a seven-year deadline placed on it for state ratification. Once the deadline was reached, only 35 states had approved the ERA.

For constitutional amendments, 38 states must agree to ratification — which comes to the three-quarters of the states required by the U.S. Constitution. Still, liberals have been persistent.

Virginia ratified the ERA last month, making it the 38th state, but even Ginsburg is saying the effort as it currently stands won’t go anywhere. She noted Virginia acted “long after the deadline passed.”

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