School shooter makes sick confession – evil

The school shooting last Wednesday in Florida was absolutely horrific. Authorities and investigators are starting to put together fragments of a picture that illustrate what kind of person could commit such a heinous crime.

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, confessed to what he had done and said he had planned the attack in advance. When asked why he did it, he said that he heard the voices of demons in his head which instructed him to kill these children.

There’s no doubt that anyone who could kill people in cold blood is not all there mentally, but Cruz seems to have been exceptionally imbalanced. We need to do more to monitor these people and make sure that they can’t hurt innocents. (Read More…)

Joe Biden admits that Trump deserves credit for obliterating ISIS

Joe Biden may be a liberal political hack, but he couldn’t stop himself from telling the truth during a recent conversation at the University of Pennsylvania. Biden was part of a panel discussing immigration when the topic of terrorism was brought up.

Biden noted that “the Trump administration deserves some credit” for defeating the Islamic State, known as ISIS.” It doesn’t happen often but the former vice president was dead on here. President Trump and his team created an environment where our military was able to engage the enemy on their own terms. If we let our military do their job, like Trump has, they’ll get it done. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly calls for extreme gun control, suggests even some pistols should be banned

I guess no one could expect Megyn Kelly not to take advantage of an enormous tragedy to try and bolster her own mediocre ratings. On Thursday morning after the shooting, Kelly went on a grandstanding rant about gun control.

She believes that we as Americans, and Congress more specifically, haven’t done enough to prevent this type of violence. She complained that the NRA is too powerful, that guns are too ubiquitous, and that our politicians are too weak to enact meaningful reform. The icing on the cake, however, was when she said that there may be a debate about AR-15s soon, but that the debate would be irrelevant because “any semi-automatic pistol can unleash carnage.”

In one sense, she’s correct. There’s not much difference between a semi-auto pistol and an AR-15 at close range. For that matter, a shotgun can be a devastating weapon as well. Does she really want Congress to ban all guns, thus invalidating the 2nd amendment? (Read More…)

Jimmy Kimmel insults Sarah Sanders with vile sexual ‘joke’

Liberals just keep demonstrating that they have no class. They all talk a big game about how they are part of the #metoo movement, and how they’re disgusted by Harvey Weinstein and all the others like him. But don’t be fooled.

In his late-night show, Kimmel made a vile sexual joke about White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. I’m not going to go into the reasons why this makes Kimmel a hypocrite because it’s obvious and I don’t want to demean Sanders by even slightly dignifying Kimmel in responding to him. I only want to point out how disgusting liberals like him can be when the target of their attacks is a conservative. (Read More…)

Former Judge Andrew Napolitano calls for armed and trained teachers – like Israel

Judge Napolitano, unlike many people in Congress, is calling for a real reform that could actually save lives. Rather than cry out for gun-reform measures that would penalize law-abiding citizens for no reason, Napolitano has an idea to stop shooters in the act. He suggested that school teachers begin carrying weapons to defend their students from attackers.

This is what happens in Israel, he noted, so it’s not without precedent. For a variety of reasons, our country is in a place where children are at risk of serious harm from evil people. Rather than pretending that the weapon is the problem, and not the person who wants to commit the crime, we can try to prepare and arm people to protect those children. No solution is perfect, but this certainly wouldn’t hurt. (Read More…)

Roseanne Barr says we’re ‘lucky’ to have Trump as president

I’m glad to see that Roseanne’s self-titled television show is soon to be back on the air. Since Tim Allen’s successful show was mysteriously canceled after he came out as a conservative, there hasn’t been very much for middle-class and blue collar folks to watch on television. Roseanne is funny, earnest, and genuinely entertaining. And of course, she pulls no punches.

In a recent 20/20 interview, she said that America is “lucky” to have Trump as its president. She said that for comedians, he’s been great. That’s probably because Trump does tweet out some silly stuff, but it’s also because liberals lose their minds every time he does. Roseanne concluded that Americans needed to try something different, and that’s why Trump won. I think she’s right, and American’s are definitely lucky to have Trump — if for no other reason than he prevented Hillary from ever being successful in politics again. (Read More…)

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