Schiff Rumors Were TRUE – Committee Room ERUPTS

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared to change the rules in the middle of the first day of public impeachment hearings when he told witness Ambassador Bill Taylor not to “assume facts not in evidence” told to him during the testimony are correct.

Schiff’s instructions amounted to a change in the rules of the hearing, angering Republicans. “Are you seriously interrupting our time here?” House Minority Chairman Devin Nunes asked in disbelief.

“I sat here through the first 45 minutes and literally had an objection to almost the foundation of almost every question that Mr. Goldman asked regarding facts not in evidence, leading,” Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) angrily told Schiff.

Schiff’s tactic did seem to make Taylor back off from statements he had been making before the intrusion. Taylor subsequently refused to speculate about whether the president had a right to be concerned about Ukrainian meddling in the election, saying he didn’t know about reporting that had contributed to that line of questioning.

At least Schiff’s transparent attempts to fix the game are now before the American people so everyone can see how President Donald Trump is being railroaded by these phony impeachment efforts.

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