Sarah Sanders Makes The Wall Announcement We’ve Been Waiting For

After Congress failed to agree on the terms of a spending bill as part of a dispute over border security funding, the federal government entered a partial shutdown that will continue until Congress passes legislation that President Donald Trump can sign into law.

Conservatives that are worried about losing the standoff should take heart from an announcement that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders made regarding the wall:

“And the president is not going to back down on this, and he is going to stand firm. Because it’s so important and it’s such a vital part of our democracy to make sure that we are protecting our borders and protecting the people of the country.”

For too long, Republicans have rolled over and played dead in situations like this. It’s time for the Democrats to do some compromising of their own.

President Trump isn’t backing down – not now, not ever.

You can read the full story right here.

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