Sarah Sanders Responds to Rumors – It’s Over

If there’s one thing the mainstream media likes to do, it’s spread rumors and innuendo about President Trump. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has had enough.

Responding to a leaked copy of Trump’s private schedule — which Axios published and pointed out that about 60% of his time over the past few months has been in unstructured ‘Executive Time’ — Sanders wrote that “President Trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors” and he benefits from “time to allow for a more creative environment”.

She also emphasized that Trump is “the most productive president in modern history,” and “our country has never been stronger than it is today” as a result of his leadership. Among other positive developments, she cited a “booming economy,” “remade judiciary” and “rebuilt military”.

Democrats and their allies in the media are truly desperate. Instead of accepting that Trump is a different kind of president who has produced results for the American people, they try to spin false narratives that he is somehow lazy or detached. The truth is something they cannot bear to report.

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